All the performances you’ve missed


Participating artists:​ Marcel Tannous, Ingmar de Wijk, Mel Kikkert, ​Ettie Edens, Martine van Lubeek, Max van Loon

Organized by: Maki Raaphorst and Max van Loon

Did you also miss a lot of performances lately?​

All the performances you’ve missed was a project in which students from ArtEZ BEAR and Creative Writing experiment and collaborate in text and image with the medium performance.                                                                                                                                            All the past performances you were not invited to as audience and performing without an audience are the starting points of this project. In the past three days the students came to an end result, and this time you were (sort of) allowed to come and watch. ​

The project started with a circle.

Then the circle became a stage, for a performance that no-one was allowed to come to.

But it turned out, the stage was more interesting than this particular performance, and I wanted to see what would happen if it would be shared.

And then, finally, we wanted to reintroduce an audience into the mix and see what would happen if we’d try and let you into all the performances you’ve missed. We worked collaboratively in Omstand, and (sort of) invited everyone in to see. Unfortunately, now all that’s left is some documentation.